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Takamatsu Hitomi is a member of =LOVE. She was the center of the group.

Singles Participation[]

Album Participation[]


  • Likes: Ice cream, pomegranate vinegar
  • Hates: Natto
  • Cons: Can't watch or listen to scary stories
  • Abilities: Baton twirling, gymnastics, English
  • She is a fan of Nogizaka46. Her favorite member is Hori Miona. The first CD she bought was Nogizaka46's Girl Rule.
  • She auditioned for Nogizaka46's 3rd generation, but failed in the 3rd round.
  • She is the only member of the group, who doesn't use contacts or glasses.
  • She has 4 older brothers, 2 older sisters, 3 younger brothers and sisters. Her mother is a nurse.
  • Her father distributed signed CDs of her daughter at his work.
  • She is afraid of crows.
  • Didn't participate in 6th and 7th singles due to hiatus. Returned from the hiatus on 6 September 2020 (3rd Anniversary Concert).
  • Her favorite ice cream is Paxiel (パキシエル).
  • The =LOVE member she respects is Noguchi Iori (after seeing Iori perform Teokure Caution).