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Sasaki Maika is a member of =LOVE.

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  • Future goal: Being active as a seiyuu
  • Pros: Is stable when singing
  • Cons: Cries easily, is bad with spicy food
  • Likes: Hot pot, meat, potatoes, katsudon, udon, strawberries, rice, oranges and bread
  • Hobbies: Going to maid cafés, reading cellphone novels
  • Special Skills: Voice mimicry
  • She wanted to become a seiyuu, when she watched the anime "Inazuma Eleven", where a female seiyuu voiced a boy.
  • Along with Noguchi Iori (the otakus in the group), they aspire to become voice actresses.
  • She is the moodmaker of the group.
  • She likes the anime "Uta no Prince-sama", "Detective Conan" and "Tsukiuta". Her favorite fictional character is Shimotsuki Shun from the latter. She also likes the character Akiyama Mio from "K-ON!".
  • Her favorite food is rice.
  • She couldn't participate in the Want you! Want you! single due to health problems and came back from her hiatus on December 9th.
  • She is an active MC in variety programs.
  • In her 2nd year of high school she was a member of the idol group Honokuni Musume. (穂の国娘。)
  • She acts as Tami Camacho in the CG movie "Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars".
  • When Yamamoto Anna became leader of the group and Takamatsu Hitomi at her right arm, she wanted to be her left.
  • She went on yet another hiatus on 28 May 2024 due to poor health problems, but resumed her activites on 22 June 2024.