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Saito Kiara is a member of =LOVE.

Singles Participation[]

Album Participation[]


  • Likes: Strawberry, chocolate, strawberry milk and ginger ale.
  • Hobbies: Jet coaster, watching anime on Netflix, gaming, going to karaoke and watching make-up tutorials and copying them.
  • Special Skills: Mentally counting seconds, standing bridge, imitating Doraemon and Masao-kun.
  • A former member of idol group amorecarina (アモレカリーナ)
  • She likes the same pink as Saito Nagisa.
  • She likes My Melody, Love Live!, Love Live! Sunshine!! and Re:Zero. She has a collection of Rem items.
  • She is very good at Love Live's rhythm game.
  • She wants to be a seiyuu of an idol anime. Her favorite seiyuu is Uchida Aya (seiyuu of Love Live's Minami Kotori).
  • She is afraid of bugs and hates doing her homework.
  • She has a younger sister, a younger brother and 3 older sisters.
  • She gets nosebleeds easily and it happens around 10 times a month.
  • Annya (Yamamoto Anna) likes calling her Chicchai (Little), and Sanatsun (Morohashi Sana) calls her Ponkotsu (can't do anything right).
  • She voices Hirose Miina, member of YuraYura Sisters, an idol project under Shine Post.